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Winter 2008,Volume VIII, Number 1


Implementing Kashmir Study Group (KSG) Proposal

Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan

Nuclear Technology Proliferation: Challenges and International Response
Muhammad Khurshid Khan

Nuclear Weapons, Technology and Strategy: The Cold War and the Unresolved Contradictions
Hayatullah Khan Khatttak

Why NATO Mission in Afghanistan is Failing?
Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

The United States, Maritime Terrorism and Pakistan’s Needs
Muhammad Azam Khan

Pakistan’s Trade and Diplomacy Toward Central Asia: A Case Study of Uzbekistan during 1991-2007
Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Book Reviews

1. P.R. Chari, Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema and Stephen P. Cohen, Four Crises and a Peace Process: American Engagement in South Asia
Ghulam Sarwar

2. Pamela Mountbatten, India Remembered
Dr Noor ul Haq

3. Robert Ayson and Desmond Ball (Eds.), Strategy and Security in the Asia-Pacific
Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

4. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema and Maqsudul Hasan Nuri (Eds.), Quest for Energy Security in Asia
Ghulam Sarwar

5. Jules Stewart, The Savage Border – The History of the North-West Frontier
Mustansar Billah

6. Sigrid Faath (Ed.), Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World
Dr Maqsudul Hasan Nuri

7. Samir Amin, Beyond US Hegemony? Assessing the Prospects for Multipolar World
Asma Shakir Khawaja

8. William Maley, Rescuing Afghanistan
Farhat Akram


1. Features of Pakistan’s Trade Policy 2007-2008

2. Text of Short Order Restoring Chief Justice of Pakistan

3. Joint Statement on Pakistan-India Talks on Economic and Commercial Cooperation

4. President’s Message on International Youth Day

5. Text of Pak-Afghan Peace Jirga Declaration

6. President’s Message on Independence Day

7. Joint Statement on Technical level Meeting between Pakistann and India

8. Joint Statement on Bangladesh-Pakistan Foreign Secretary level Talks

9. Joint Statement on Pakistan-India Talks on Wuller Barrage

10. Text of Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance 2007

11. President’s Address on Defence Day

12. Text of Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance 2007

13. President’s Message on Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam

14. Second Round of Pakistan-U.S. Strategic Dialogue

15. Amendment to the Presidential Election Rules 1988

16. Forty-three Candidates for the Office of the President

17. Election Commission Notification on Validity of Nominated Candidates

18. Foreign Secretary’s Address at the 62nd Session of the UN

19. Text of National Reconciliation Ordinance 2007

20. Text of Press, Newspapers, News Agencies and Books Registration (Amendment) Ordinance 2007
21. Text of Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Third Amendment) Ordinance 2007

22. Text of the Proclamation of Emergency

23. Text of President’s Speech: Emergency Imposed

24. Text of the Provisional Constitutional Order No. 1 of 2007

25. Text of Provisional Constitution (Amendment) Order 2007

26. Text of Oath of Office (Judges) Order 2007

27. Text of Pakistan Army (Amendment) Ordinance 2007

28. Text of President’s Press Conference

29. Text of Judgement on Eligibility of General Musharraf to Contest Election

30. Text of Constitution (Amendment) Order 2007 to Set Up High Court in Islamabad
31. Statement of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group

32. Text of Decision on Proclamation of Emergency and Oath of Office (Judges) Order

33. Election Commission Confirms Musharraf as Next President

34. Text of the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils (Amendment) Ordinance 2007

35. President’s Address to the Nation

36. Statement of the Foreign Secretary at the Middle East Conference at Annapolis

37. Notification of General Musharraf’s Retirement as Chief of Army Staff

38. Foreign Minister at 29th Session of SAARC Council of Ministers

39. President’s Message on International Human Rights Day

40. Text of National Command Authority Ordinance 2007

41. Text of Constitution (Second Amendment) Order 2007

42. Text of Revocation of Proclamation of Emergency Order 2007

43. Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Statement

44. President’s Address to Nation on Benazir’s Assassination

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