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Summer 2008,Volume VIII, Number 2


NATO in Afghanistan: Outlook and Challenges
Dr Maqsudul Hasan Nuri

Pakistan-India Trade: Route to Intra-regional and Inter-regional Connectivity
Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan

Nuclear Iran and Regional Security: An Iranian Perspective
Dr Amir Sajedi

Pakistan’s Trading Relations with Central Asia (1991-2007)
Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Foreign Investment in Complexity of Globalisation and Socio-Political Economy: A Case Study of Balochistan
Dr Musarrat Jabeen

World Bank Mediation on Baglihar Dam: Implications for Pakistan-India Relations
Amer Rizwan

Book Reviews

1. Benazir Bhutto, Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West
Dr Maqsudul Hasan Nuri

2. Ambassador Arshad Sami Khan (retd), Three Presidents and an Aide
Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan

3. Yasmin Khan, The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan
Dr Noor ul Haq

4. Shahid Javed Burki, Changing Perceptions, Altered Reality: Pakistan’s Economy Under    Musharraf, 1999-2006
Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

5. Bassam Tibi, Political Islam, World Politics and Europe: Democratic Peace and Euro-Islam versus Global Jihad
Dr M. Nasrullah Mirza

6. Joseph E. Stiglitz and Linda J. Bilmes, The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict
Mustansar Billah

7. Adeeb Khalid, Islam after Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia
Farhat Akram

8. Josef Joffe, Überpower: The Imperial Temptation of America
Muhammad Asif Nawaz

9. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema, Brig (retd) Muneer Mahmud and Mustansar Billah, Pakistan and Changing Scenario: Regional and Global
Ghulam Sarwar


1. English Rendering of President’s Address to the Nation

2. President’s Address at World Economic Forum

3. President’s Address at Royal United Services Institute London

4. President’s Address at a Lunch with Business Executives in Davos

5. Pakistan-Yemen Joint Statement

6. Pakistan-India MoU on Air Service Agreement

7. OIC Summit Adopts Revised Charter, Expresses Strong Support on Kashmir

8. Supreme Court Validates Proclamation of Emergency and PCO

9. Manifestos of Political Parties

10. General Elections 2008 Results

11. General Elections 2008 Results after Nomination of Reserved Seats

12. English Translation of Prime Minister’s Address to the Parliament

13. Human Rights Council Adopts Two Important Initiatives Sponsored by Pakistan

14. Pakistan-China Joint Statement

15. Pakistan Fulfils its Pledge by Ratifying International Covenant onEconomic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), Signing the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and Convention against Torture (CAT)

16. Pakistan-India Fourth Round of Composite Dialogue: Foreign Minister Level Review

17. Pakistan-Afghanistan Foreign Ministers Joint Press Statement

18. Prime Minister’s Speech on Defence Budget

19. Minister in-charge Finance’s Budget Speech

20. Pakistan-India Judicial Committee’s Joint Press Statement

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