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Summer 2011,Volume XI, Number 2

Research Articles

In the Interest of its People: Pakistan’s Need for a Comprehensive
Politico-Strategic Reorientation – Observations from an European Perspective

Colonel (GS) Hans Eberhart                                                                                                       

Pakistan needs a new approach to tackle its problems based on mobilisation of human and material resources by forming national consensus for implementation of a comprehensive set of reforms directed towards a shift from military to human dimension of security and respect for the will of the people.  

The Challenge of Extremism in Pakistan: Are there Lessons to be
Learnt from the Experience of Singapore?

Moonis Ahmar                                                                                               

Singapore’s experience in handling the problem of extremism is discussed to see if this can be helpful in Pakistan’s case.

An Assessment of China’s Growing Relations with Central Asian
States and its Implications for Pakistan

Zahid Anwar

China’s “Go West” and “Strings of Pearls” policies are studied in the light of its growing relations with Central Asian Republics.

Nuclear Disaster Management

Tughral Yamin                                                                                                 

Importance of integrating the public in the nuclear disaster management plan being prepared
in the country is discussed in the wake of the recent crisis in Japan. 

Projected Security Environments of Pakistan in Post-Afghanistan
War Scenario

Muhammad Khurshid Khan                                                                               

The need to prepare for the post Afghan war scenario is emphasised as extremism
might emerge through a nexus among the Punjab-based TTP and other splinter
groups of al Qaeda.

Book Reviews

Military, Civil Society and Democratization in Pakistan
S. Akbar Zaidi                                                                                                    

Wars, Insurgencies and Terrorist Attacks 
Unaiza Niaz,                                                                                                   

Conflict Transformation and the Challenge of Peace
Moonis Ahmar ed.                                                                                               

Energy Crisis in Pakistan: Origins, Challenges, and Sustainable Solutions
Muhammad Asif                                                                                                  

Indian Nuclear Deterrence: Its Evolution, Development and Implications for
South Asian Security
Zafar Iqbal Cheema                                                                                              

Pakistan: A Hard Country 
Anatol Lieven                                         

Between the Dreams and Reality, Some Milestones in Pakistan’s History
Sartaj Aziz                                                                                                          


Joint Statement on Japan-Pakistan Comprehensive Partnership                             

Joint Statement on the Visit of Prime Minister of Bhutan                                    

Text of President’s Speech to Parliament                                                             

Declaration on Pakistan-UK Enhanced Strategic Dialogue                                      

Banquet Speech by the President                                                                          

Joint Statement on Pakistan-France Comprehensive Partnership              

Prime Minister on the Abbottabad Incident                                                          

Joint Statement by Presidents of Pakistan and Russia                                          

 Resolution Adopted by the Joint Session of Parliament                                        

Pakistan-China Joint Statement                                                                            

 Islamabad Declaration on Pak-Afghan Peace Vision                                         

Joint Statement of the Pak-Afghan Commission for Reconciliation and Peace                                                                                                       

President’s Statement at the 10th Anniversary of the SCO

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