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Winter 2010,Volume X, Number 1

 Research Articles

Governance and Democracy in Pakistan: Weaknesses, Strengths and Prospects                                                                                      

Noor ul Haq brings out difficulties in constitutional development,
obstructions in democratic governance, and takes the optimistic

approach dispelling the gloomy forecasts.

The New Terrorism: Changing Face of War and Conflict                                     

Mahdi Mohammad Nia discusses the changing nature of war, security
and emergence of new terrorism as networks of trans-national outfits
and US counter-terrorism strategies since 9/11.

Sectarian Conflict in Pakistan: Some Lessons from the Irish Experience 

Moonis Ahmar discusses how the Irish experience in resolving its
sectarian conflict can be instructive in the dynamics of the Shi’a-Sunni relations
in Pakistan where the foreign factor has also played a part in worsening the
sectarian issue.

Emerging Dimensions of Pakistan-Nepal Trade

Ahmad Rashid Malik sees regional and multilateral efforts as the
way to promote trade relations in view of the Indian factor which can

not be discounted.

Global Financial Crisis: An Overview                                                                     

Muhammad Usman discusses the development of the crisis in the US
and Europe, its impact on world economy and its handling by

governments of western and developing countries like Pakistan.

Book Reviews

1.       Jimmy Carter, We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan
that Will Work                                                                                                   

2.       Alexander Bennett, ed. & trns., Budo: The Martial Ways
of Japan

3.       Robert Hathaway and Michael Kugelman, eds., Empowering
Pakistan: Meeting Pakistan’s Energy Needs in the 21st Century      

4.       Alok Bansal, Balochistan in Turmoil: Pakistan at Crossroads                              

5.       Birthe Hansen, Peter Toft and Anders Wivel, Security
           Strategies and American World Order: Lost Power                                               

6.       Naeem Salik, The Genesis of South Asian Nuclear 
            Deterrence: Pakistani Perspective                                                                    

7.      Moonis Ahmar, eds., International Relations Today: 
Theories, Methods and Areas of Research                                       

8.       Dr Ajeet Jawed, Secular and Nationalist Jinnah                                                   


1.     Statement of Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan, at the 15th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt                                                       

2.    Joint Statement of India, Pakistan Prime Ministers at Sharm El Sheikh                                

3.    Foreign Minister’s Statement at the 16th ARF Ministerial Meeting                       

4.     Joint Statement of the Presidents of Pakistan and Tajikistan on Strengthening Bilateral Relations                                                                 

5.     Joint Declaration of the Presidents of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan on Trilateral Cooperation

6.    Joint Statement of the Presidents of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan             

7.    Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani’s Remarks in the National Assembly Session on his Visit to Sharm El Sheikh

8.     Trade Policy 2009-10:  Speech by Federal Minister for Commerce                       

9.     Conclusions of the Meeting of Kashmiri Leaders and Political Parties Chaired by Foreign Minister of Pakistan                                     

10.   Concluding Statement of Friends of Democratic Pakistan Summit                       

11.   Foreign Minister’s Statement at the Annual Coordination Meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers, New York                        

12.    Text of the Kerry-Lugar Bill

13.    The Balochistan Package                                                                                   

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