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Winter 2011,Volume XI, Number 1

Research Articles

Pakistan’s Nuclearisation – Imperatives of National Security and
Survival of a Smaller State


Factors relating to Pakistan’s decision to go nuclear, ineffectiveness of

defence alliances and weaknesses of conventional defence, the perception

of existential threat to national security and role of political leadership

are discussed.

The US’ Policy of Targeted Killings by Drones in Pakistan
Akbar Nasir Khan          

The background and strategic logic for the use of drones in the “war on

terror”, its cost in terms of civilian deaths, its limitations as to its

effectiveness and the need to revisit this policy by the US are explained.

US Post 9/11 Persian Gulf Policy: Iran’s Concern and Options
 Ali Khan                                                                                                                 

How the US and Iran view the geo-strategic and economic significance of

the Persian Gulf and the former’s efforts to check the latter’s influence in

the region are studied in the post 9/11 scenario.

Geopolitics of FATA after 9/11
M. Maqbool Khan Wazir                

The factors that have led FATA to become the hub of terrorist activities,

its socio-economic marginalization and perpetuation of colonial era policies

and what the state needs to do make the subject of this essay.

An Overview of British Administrative Set-up and Strategy
in the Khyber 1849-1947


An overview of the colonial administration and strategy in the Khyber

Agency during 1849-1947, its successes and limitations, suggests ways to

devise better measures for handling governance issues in the tribal belt.

Book Reviews

The Culture of Power and Governance of Pakistan 1947-2008

Water Disputes in South Asia: Threats to Security

 Ullah, ed.  

What Was Once East Pakistan
 Shahid Husain                                                                                                       

Great Powers and Strategic Stability in the 21st Century:
Competing Visions of World Order

Graeme P. Herd, ed.                                                                                                      

Post 9/11 Globe
Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Mussarat Jabeen and Naheed S. Goraya, eds.

After the Taliban: Nation-Building in Afghanistan
James F. Dobbins                                                                                                             


Second Ministerial Pakistan-US Strategic Dialogue Islamabad

Speech of the Foreign Minister at International Workshop on Indian
Military’s Cold Start Doctrine and Its Implications for Strategic Stability
of South Asia

Joint Statement by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister
David Cameron

Joint Statement by the Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,
the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Russian Federation and the Republic
of Tajikistan                                                                                                                     

Joint Communiqué Friends of Democratic Pakistan: Third Ministerial Meeting, Brussels

Joint Statement US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue at the Ministerial Level                                      

Joint Statement on the Visit of the President to Sri Lanka                                                            

Joint Statement by President Hamid Karzai of the Islamic Republic of

Afghanistan and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani of the Islamic
Republic of Pakistan

Joint Statement by the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic
Republic of Pakistan                                                                                                            

The 11th ECO Summit Declaration Istanbul Declaration 2010

Pakistan and China Declare 2011 “Year of Friendship”

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