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Summer 2014, Volume XIV, Number 2

Research Articles 

China’s Evolving Posture in South Asia: Some Reflections

Dr. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqi

Siddiqui discusses China’s South Asia policy in the wake of the US draw down from Afghanistan and with particular reference to relationship between India and Pakistan. 

From Divergence to Convergence: Pakistan-United States Foreign Strategic Relations 1977-1989

Dr. Zulfqar Khan

Zulfqar Khan in this interesting account of the undulating relations between the US and Pakistan during 1977-1989 tags Agha Shahi’s dictum to describe them as “a handshake, not an embrace”. 

Conflict and Cooperation on South Asian Water Resources

K. N. Adhikari

K.N. Adhikari advocates a regional mechanism to harness the water resources in South Asia where growing population and increasing needs is likely to exacerbate shortfall conditions that are already being experienced. 

Liberating Local Democracy from Subservience to Bureaucracy in Pakistan: Ramifications & Recommendations

Amir Ullah Khan

Amirullah Khan analyses and explains how the bureaucracy manoeuvres to prevent the establishment of local governments and when formed keep them out of power. 

Need for a Paradigm Shift in Security: Adopting Human Security in Pakistan

Maria Syed

Maria Syed builds a strong case for adopting the concept of human security in Pakistan

Book Reviews

1. The Warrior State: Pakistan in the Contemporary World

    T.V. Paul

2. Missile Defence Confrontation and Cooperation

    Natalia Bubnova

3. Shandur Durand’s Security Boundary Violation

     Rai Sarfraz Shah

4. Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control

    Medea Benjamin

5. The Phenomenon of Poverty and Bad Governance

Dr. A. S. Nasir

6. The Taliban Revival: Violence and Extremism on the Pakistan-Afghanistan      Frontier

Mr Hassan Abbas

7. No Exit from Pakistan: America’s Tortured Relationship with Islamabad

Daniel S. Markey

8. Vying for Allah’s Vote: Understanding Islamic Parties, Political Violence and Extremism in Pakistan

Haroon K. Ullah

9. Unthinkable: Iran, the Bomb and American Strategy

Kenneth M. Pollack

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