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Summer 2015, Volume XV, Number 2

Research Articles

A Strategic Shift in Indo-Pak Nuclear Strategy: Implications for Regional Stability

Dr. Rizwana Abbasi

How did Pakistan and India’s distinct nuclear strategies and postures guide them to formulate their doctrines and how far have the changing security dynamics and emerging doctrinal structures made the two countries more or less secure. Dr. Rizwana addresses these questions stating peace hangs in balance as possibility of war has not been precluded.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons (TNW) – The Pakistani Perspective

 Dr. Tughral Yamin

Tughral Yamin examines the Pakistani motivations to pursue tactical nuclear weapons (TNCs) which the security establishment regards as guarantors against the growing existential threats as part of the concept of Full Spectrum Deterrence. 

Countering Violent Extremism: Evaluating Pakistan’s Counter-Radicalization and De-radicalization Initiatives

 Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit considers a joint state-society response indispensable for creating an environment that helps people to resist the appeal of militant ideologies.

India and South Asian Regionalism: A Study into India’s Behaviour towards Elimination of Trade Barriers in South Asia

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad

India which helped conclude SAPTA and SAFTA has done little to meet the concerns of smaller regional countries particularly in the domain of their exports to India which it thwarts through protective measures making economic cooperation stagnate in the SAARC region. Dr Manzoor uses country-wise data to prove his point.

Strategizing Cyber Revolution within the Domain of Security Studies

Dr. Zafar Khan

Dr. Zafar goes beyond the little literature we have on cyber issues to evaluate aspects related to this new science to find if cyber studies can form part of the broader domain of strategic studies.

Book Reviews 

  1. Rajiv Dogra, Where Borders Bleed: An Insider’s Account of Indo-Pak Relations
    By Dr. Noor ul Haq     
  1. Christopher Coker, The Improbable War China, The United States and the Continuing Logic of Great Power Conflict
    By Muhammad Munir     
  1. Joseph S. Nye Jr., Is the American Century Over?
    By Air Commodore (R) Khalid Iqbal   
  1. Mark Fitzpatrick, Overcoming Pakistan’s Nuclear Dangers
    By Saman Zulfqar                                                                           
  1. Carlotta Gall, The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan 2001-2014
    By Gulshan Bibi     
  1. Sandra Walklate & Gabe Mythen, Contradictions of Terrorism: Security, Risk and Resilience
    By Khalid Chandio     
  1. Ekaterina Balabanova, The Media and Human Rights: The Cosmopolitan Promise
    By Muhammad Nawaz Khan       
  1. Glenn Greenwald, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Surveillance State
    By Nousheen Ashraf        
  1. Hasan Suroor, India`s Muslim Spring
    By Fawad Haider                                                                            
  1. Michael Weiss & Hassan Hassan, ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror  By Suleman Yousaf                                           
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