Summer 2019, Volume XIX, Number 2

Research Articles  Green Finance for Sustainable Development in Pakistan Dr Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz & Dr Zachary Alexander Smith Citation: Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz and Zachary Alexander Smith, “Green Finance for Sustainable Development

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Winter 2019, Volume XIX, Number 1

  Research Articles  NSG Membership for India and Pakistan: Debating ‘Critical’ Aspects Muhammad Waseem Qutab Citation: Muhammad Waseem Qutab, “NSG Membership for India and Pakistan: Debating ‘Critical’ Aspects,” IPRI

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Summer 2018, Volume XVIII, Number 2

  Research Articles An Indispensable Partner? Bush, Obama, and the US’ Soft Power Muhammad Shoaib, Dr Saira Aquil and Ahmad Sabat Citation: Muhammad Shoaib, Saira Aquil and Ahmad Sabat, “An Indispensable Partner? Bush, Obama, and the US’

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Winter 2018, Volume XVIII, Number 1

Research Articles A Comparative Study of Blitzkrieg and Cold Start Doctrine: Lessons and Countermeasures for Pakistan Muhammad Ali Baig and Hamid

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Summer 2017, Volume XVII, Number 2

  Scholarly Articles Contested Space of the Objectives Resolution in the Constitutional Order of Pakistan Dr Syed Sami Raza With incorporation of the Objectives Resolution in Article 2-A — or in the substantive part of Pakistan’s

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Winter 2017, Volume XVII, Number 1

Research Articles  The Role of Leadership in Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Russia under Vladimir Putin Dr Nazir Hussain and Fatima

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Summer 2016, Volume XVI, Number 2

Research Articles  Global Threat: A Comparative Analysis of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) Muhammad Munir and Muhammad Shafiq The metamorphosis of terrorism from Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State (IS) has presented new security

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Winter 2016, Volume XVI, Number 1

Research Articles Critical Reflections on the Reality of Drone Warfare: Thinking with Jean Baudrillard           Dr Syed Sami Raza and Ghazala Rafi Drone technology has transformed warfare. The

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