Summer 2014, Volume XIV, Number 2

Research Articles  China’s Evolving Posture in South Asia: Some Reflections Dr. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqi Siddiqui discusses China’s South Asia policy in the wake of the US draw down from Afghanistan and with particular reference to relationship

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Winter 2014, Volume XIV, Number 1

Research Articles   The Kashmir Dispute: Key to South Asian Peace  Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema Cheema discusses India’s evasive diplomacy on Kashmir and analyses the failure of both military and non-military means in solving this oldest issue on UN

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Summer 2013,Volume XIII, Number 2

Pakistan’s ‘Regional Pivot’ and the Endgame in Afghanistan Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad After a long and costly war, Afghanistan is on its way to an uncertain security and political transition ahead of NATO’s military exit by the end of 2014. A

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Winter 2013,Volume XIII, Number 1

Research Articles Strategic Ideology of al Qaeda Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi The author dwells on al Qaeda’s ideological prowess and argues that despite its weakened military position it cannot be defeated on the strength of arms alone.    

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Summer 2012,Volume XII, Number 2

Research Articles    Credible Minimum Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia Dr Farah Zahra India and Pakistan have coexisted as neighbours without any meaningful communication at the strategic level. It remains debatable whether the two nations are

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Winter 2012,Volume XII, Number 1

Research Articles Cold Start in Strategic Calculus Sannia

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Summer 2010,Volume X, Number 2

  Articles Afghanistan as a Bridge Gulden Ayman                                                                                      The US-Iran engagement over Afghanistan may bring … Summer

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Summer 2011,Volume XI, Number 2

Research Articles In the Interest of its People: Pakistan’s Need for a Comprehensive Politico-Strategic Reorientation – Observations from an European Perspective  Colonel (GS) Hans Eberhart                                 

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