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The IPRI Journal promotes scholarly research in the fields related to International Relations and Political Science, as produced by academics, scholars, researchers, social scientists from around the world, especially Pakistan. The biannual Journal welcomes original, high quality, unpublished papers/studies, review articles and book reviews. Academic articles published by the Journal include themes such as International Affairs, Geopolitics, Defence, Nuclear and Strategic Studies, Diplomacy, Security, Political Economy, Terrorism, Conflict and Governance.

Submission Dates:
• For the Summer issue: End of April
• For the Winter issue: End of September

Submission Procedure: Author/s are required to submit manuscripts in MS Word format, along with their brief introduction, complete contact details and a letter certifying that the submission has not been previously published nor currently under consideration for publication elsewhere (Please download Guidelines for IPRI Journal Contributors and IPRI Journal Author Checklist).

Articles submitted for publication undergo an initial desk review and if found suitable for the peer review cycle are subject to three double-blind peer reviews (one national and two international). Authors of published articles and book reviews are paid a modest honorarium. The IPRI Journal has zero tolerance for plagiarism.

• Word Length of Articles: 5000-8000 words
• Word Length of Book Reviews: 1000 words
• Referencing Style: The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition (Full Note)

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Winter 2018, Volume XVIII, Number 1

Research Articles A Comparative Study of Blitzkrieg and Cold Start Doctrine: Lessons and Countermeasures for Pakistan Muhammad Ali Baig and Hamid Iqbal                                              1 This study analyses the common theoretical and conceptual attributes of the German Blitzkrieg and India’s Cold Start Doctrine (CSD) and discusses the response options for Pakistan while remaining below the nuclear umbrella. …

Winter 2018, Volume XVIII, Number 1 Read More »

Winter 2017, Volume XVII, Number 1

Research Articles  The Role of Leadership in Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Russia under Vladimir Putin Dr Nazir Hussain and Fatima Shakoor                                                The focus of this article is to understand the influence of leaders in foreign policy decision-making and the subsequent impact of the choices that they make at the international level by taking …

Winter 2017, Volume XVII, Number 1 Read More »

Summer 2016, Volume XVI, Number 2

Research Articles  Global Threat: A Comparative Analysis of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) Muhammad Munir and Muhammad Shafiq The metamorphosis of terrorism from Al-Qaeda to the Islamic State (IS) has presented new security challenges. The authors examine the threats posed by these two groups by discussing their ideologies, structures and capabilities.  They recommend that a …

Summer 2016, Volume XVI, Number 2 Read More »

Winter 2016, Volume XVI, Number 1

Research Articles Critical Reflections on the Reality of Drone Warfare: Thinking with Jean Baudrillard           Dr Syed Sami Raza and Ghazala Rafi Drone technology has transformed warfare. The authors contextualise how this technology has changed the face or rather ‘facelessness’ of war, especially on the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderland by bending, what Jean Baudrillard calls, ‘the form of …

Winter 2016, Volume XVI, Number 1 Read More »

Summer 2015, Volume XV, Number 2

Research Articles A Strategic Shift in Indo-Pak Nuclear Strategy: Implications for Regional Stability Dr. Rizwana Abbasi How did Pakistan and India’s distinct nuclear strategies and postures guide them to formulate their doctrines and how far have the changing security dynamics and emerging doctrinal structures made the two countries more or less secure. Dr. Rizwana addresses these …

Summer 2015, Volume XV, Number 2 Read More »

Winter 2015, Volume XV, Number 1

Research Articles Future of War and Strategy: Indo-Pak Dynamics Brig Najeeb Ahmad Transnational ideologies have helped to franchise war among the disenfranchised. Najeeb Ahmad discusses the Indo-Pak dynamics of this scenario which has muddled war strategy and driven the ends of power to fuzzy domains. Countering the Hegemon: Pakistan’s Strategic Response Dr. Zulfqar Khan Zulfqar …

Winter 2015, Volume XV, Number 1 Read More »

Summer 2014, Volume XIV, Number 2

Research Articles  China’s Evolving Posture in South Asia: Some Reflections Dr. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqi Siddiqui discusses China’s South Asia policy in the wake of the US draw down from Afghanistan and with particular reference to relationship between India and Pakistan.  From Divergence to Convergence: Pakistan-United States Foreign Strategic Relations 1977-1989 Dr. Zulfqar Khan Zulfqar Khan in this …

Summer 2014, Volume XIV, Number 2 Read More »

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