Winter 2013,Volume XIII, Number 1

Research Articles Strategic Ideology of al Qaeda Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi The author dwells on al Qaeda’s ideological prowess and argues that despite its weakened military position it cannot be defeated on the strength of arms alone.     International Non-Proliferation Regime: Pakistan and Indian Perspectives Muhammad Sadiq Discussing current trends in international non-proliferation regime the writer …

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Winter 2012,Volume XII, Number 1

Research Articles Cold Start in Strategic Calculus Sannia Abdullah                                                                                                                                        The cold start doctrine formulated by Indian strategists is a product of the 2001-02 standoff with Pakistan. It envisages a blitzkrieg, a limited war under the nuclear overhang that disrupts enemy lines of communication and forces a distorted and chaotic response from them. The paper analyses …

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Winter 2010,Volume X, Number 1

 Research Articles Governance and Democracy in Pakistan: Weaknesses, Strengths and Prospects                                                                                       Noor ul Haq brings out difficulties in constitutional development, obstructions in democratic governance, and takes the optimistic approach dispelling the gloomy forecasts.  The New Terrorism: Changing Face of War and Conflict                                      Mahdi Mohammad Nia discusses the changing …

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