Winter 2012,Volume XII, Number 1

Research Articles Cold Start in Strategic Calculus Sannia Abdullah                                                                                                                                        The cold start doctrine formulated by Indian strategists is a product of the 2001-02 standoff with Pakistan. It envisages a blitzkrieg, a limited war under the nuclear overhang that disrupts enemy lines of communication and forces a distorted and chaotic response from them. The paper analyses …

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Winter 2010,Volume X, Number 1

 Research Articles Governance and Democracy in Pakistan: Weaknesses, Strengths and Prospects                                                                                       Noor ul Haq brings out difficulties in constitutional development, obstructions in democratic governance, and takes the optimistic approach dispelling the gloomy forecasts.  The New Terrorism: Changing Face of War and Conflict                                      Mahdi Mohammad Nia discusses the changing …

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Summer 2009,Volume IX, Number 2

Research Articles  The Role of Observers in SAARC Dr Rashid Ahmad Khan                                                                         Pakistan Jihad: The Making of Religious Terrorism Dr Eamon Murphy & Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik                                           United States’ Attempt to Balance the Rise …

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Winter 2009,Volume IX, Number 1

Research Articles 1.    Building Peace in Sri Lanka: An Analysis of the Conflict and Plan                            for Intervention David Lewis, Cassandra Jastrow, Christopher Jonas, Tim Kennedy, Saira Yamin  2.    Converging Interests: Sino-Saudi Relations on the Rise                                            Aly Zaman and Ghulam …

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